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stupid fangirl rant - what hurts the soul, my soul adores
no better than a beast upon all fours.

Date: 2010-06-13 00:00
Subject: stupid fangirl rant
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Okay, so first of all: I love love love Ren x Kyoko from Skip Beat! and absolutely loathe Shou x Kyoko.

I just read a fanfic that was... okay. The writing wasn't anything to scream about and the pacing was kind of choppy, but it still had a plot (which is more than I can say about anything I write, lulz). But it had Ren being the one who moved it forward and losing his control over his emotions... which for some reason I just can't get behind. Well no, that's not necessarily true--the end of the story kind of soured the whole thing for me to be honest--he kisses her then apologizes and runs off. WUT. And then she snaps at him because 'omg, Shou was such a bastard and now you are too?' I dunno, it seemed kind of OOC to me? Or the execution was kind of poor.

If he slipped up and kissed her, I think he would try and explain his way out of it using 'acting' as an excuse because he knows that she's extremely gullible and believes in him as a sempai. And she would mull over it in a daze... kind of like the V-Day arc. Actually, it would stack onto the V-Day arc and because the gesture was more definite I don't think she'd be able to stop thinking about it or convince herself that he was simply 'acting' or 'teaching her about acting.' Hmmm... not explaining myself as well as I thought I could. Maybe I should just write out what I want to happen... lol, ever the eternal fanfic writer am I.

By the way, I hate Brett because I notice out-of-place and overused adverbs now. :P Unnecessary similes I've always noticed but tried to forgive... or ignore b/c I needed to read about my OTP even though the writing was kind of awful. But in this fic I read tonight... "Like a football player at an anime convention, he was uncomfortable." Really? REALLY? Or is it my fault because I continue to read it? Probably my fault ;)
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