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what hurts the soul, my soul adores

no better than a beast upon all fours.

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This is lemonlimey's fanfic journal... it's nothing but fanfiction, some poetry, some serious fangirling over other stories, and whatever may have you... everybody needs an outlet. :) I like to post my original concepts before they're heavily revised, so I can see where the story has grown... and find that others think it interesting as well.

Current WIPs: Currently struggling to find inspiration... not working on anything I've started... yep. =_=;

Fandoms: I've mostly written Gravitation... some Loveless, some Nodame Cantabile. Currently trying to write A Very Epic Sailor Moon Story. /facepalm

PS - The Fanfiction Dictionary! In case anyone here needs it... aaaaand I put it on my profile for self-reference too. :P