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Dengeki Daisy! ♥ - what hurts the soul, my soul adores
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Date: 2010-01-19 00:00
Subject: Dengeki Daisy! ♥
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Funny, that KnT fic from 1/14 wasn't supposed to be about Kurumi, it was originally going to be about Kazehaya... he's so tough to write about! >_<;; I think it's adorable how much he cares about Sawako, to the point where he gets visibly anxious in public... and I love he's not 'the perfect guy,' that he's selfish... but I can't seem to channel these thoughts somehow =_=;

Seems like it's drabble night though... tried to write something w/a theme but it's just not coming to me =_=;

Title: a dream, interrupted
Series: Dengeki Daisy

His back is facing her, his janitor hat oddly placed behind his ears, and she reaches for him with a shaky hand.


He turns around and she is horrified, her voice screaming and echoing into the darkness surrounding them. How could she--how horrible of her--she would never forgive herself--


Her eyes snapped open, sweat dripping down her forehead and mingling with her tears, as she sat up and turned to look at him in the dark. He placed his hand on her lap and returned her gaze, the panic clearly visible on his face. "Teru, are you--?"

Her small white hand reached for his face--he was too worried about her to turn away--but instead of placing it on his cheek, she yanked his bed-tousled hair... then sighed in relief.

"Oh thank goodness..." He bristled, smacking her hand away with an annoyed expression.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

She laughed, rubbing her tears into the blanket before smiling at him.

"I had an awful nightmare--"

"Doesn't seem so awful right now," he grumbled, immediately embarrassed at how transparent he had been. She pinched his cheek for interrupting her and he batted her hand away again. "Okay, fine, what was it about?"

"I dreamed that I told you to go bald so many times that it actually happened."


He didn't know whether he should be annoyed beyond belief that she woke him up for such a stupid reason, or glad that she cared enough about him that she dreamed about him... kind of. The memory of her unsteady hand reaching for him, fingers brushing his cheek as she reached for his hair... he blushed, and was glad it was dark enough in the room to hide it.

Teru studied his face, noticed his lips twitching, and mistook it for genuine anger.

"I'm sorry!" she said, clapping her hands in front of her and bowing her head. "I promise I won't tell you to go bald anymore!" Tasuku stared at her for a few moments with a funny expression before he grabbed the pillow behind her and smacked her head with it.

"Don't make promises you can't keep, stupid," he drawled, as she grabbed the pillow away from her face to glare at him. He stood up and rubbed his knees a few times, looking strangely amused, before turning to walk back to his bedroom. "Good night, Teru."

She watched him close the door behind him, confused at his unreadable expression, before shrugging it off and laying down on the couch again.

"Darn," she whispered to the door, "you're a lot easier to understand in my dream..."

'I'm in love with you,' he says quietly. 'I don't know when I realized it, but...'

His back is facing her, his janitor hat oddly placed behind his ears, and she reaches for him with a shaky hand.


"And you never let me say that I felt the same way, too, before you turned around," Teru sighed, closing her eyes with a grin. "Baldy."


^________^ I love love LOVE this series!! But there is no LJ-comm for it, & I'm too lazy to start one. Sad day :(
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User: kaeyko
Date: 2010-08-08 06:13 (UTC)
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A random passerbyer who finds this cute. ^^

P.S. - Not sure if you're aware, but Dengeki Daisy community has been created since you've posted: dengekidaisy. YAY!
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